2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

September 2021

2 Lane Travel – September 28, 2021

It continues to amaze me how many 10s of thousands of people remain energized to protect the freedoms of our country with the current administration pushing abortion on demand and trying to restrict our second amendment rights to bare arms. I believe we will see crowds like this continue to grow until this government focuses on their people instead of their agendas. Read this and more about our Georgia Travels and Events.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Kumo Shortage

On Friday, we were honored to speak at the “Meet the Candidates” dinner hosted by the Cherokee County Republican Party at Catch 22 Bar & Grill in Canton. The owners of the restaurant were awesome and ensured the crowd was well-fed and taken care of. Unfortunately, they shared a personal story that is becoming all too common to small businesses. They typically receive a delivery truck Ocala FL each week, but this past week the truck never arrived. When they inquired, they were informed that their delivery truck would not be coming this week or next week or possibly ever again.

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2 Lane Travel – September 4, 2021

It is no secret that our State is currently struggling from the National Labor Shortage. We see signs posted on business billboards, front doors, and even hear from our hosts prior to being seated at restaurants that they are understaffed. Our businesses are suffering! This is another reason why I am running for Georgia Labor Commissioner.

Help me get Georgia #back2work and fix this broken agency.

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