2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

October 2021

2 Lane Travel #15

I have shared previously how much fun we are having traveling the state speaking and “breaking bread” with folks. On Friday morning, we met with our friend and honorable Chase Daughtrey who took a break from the bench to host a Community Leaders luncheon in Adel and more!

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October 20, 2021 – Moultrie Observer Press Release

Republican state senator Bruce Thompson stopped by the Observer’s office for a quick interview while in Moultrie, GA.

Bruce frequently listed his problems with the current administration in Georgia’s Department of Labor and believes that he is the man to fix it. “The Department of Labor has been tucked away [and] nobody has paid attention to it,” he said. Both North and South Carolina have had more success at getting unemployment claims resolved promptly during the pandemic and dramatically less fraud.

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2 Lane Travel #14

This past week, I had the opportunity to spend the morning with Tommy at his barber shop near the OK Cafe on West Paces Ferry Road. If the walls could talk, I am sure they would affirm the stories Tommy tells about all the famous visitors that have visited over the past 60+ years. Read this story and more!

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October 26 2021

October 26, 2021 – Atlanta Athletic Club Please join Dr. Bob Jones IV, Sen. Clint Dixon, Mr. Shawn Still and Mr. Shane Mobley for an

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October 20 2021

October 20, 2021 – Legends Distillery Please join Mr. Mark Thompson, Mr. Shane Mobley, Rep. Sheri Gilligan, Rep. Lauren McDonald III, Sen. Greg Dolezal, Rep.

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2 Lane Travel #13

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution released an article Wednesday morning regarding the recent findings in the Department of Labor. Over $1.1 Million was spent on free meals for employees during the pandemic. This is absolutely unacceptable as over thousands of Georgians lost their jobs and were denied unemployment. My comments in the article state, “If Commissioner Butler thinks is ok, therein lies the problem. If you knew it was not ok and you did it anyway, that’s a problem with your integrity.”

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October 7, 2021 – AccessWDUN Podcast

Georgia Republican State Senator Bruce Thompson talks about the inspector general report and how he plans to be the best Labor Commissioner that Georgia has ever seen and fix the issues the current administration has brought upon Georgia citizens.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Hawkinsville, GA – M&T Meats

Bruce has interacted and express his concern with local business such as M&T Meats in Hawkinsville, GA who just recently had a number of employees walk out. The labor shortage that we are facing right now is a serious issue that Bruce Thompson strongly wants to correct.

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2 Lane Travel – Donation Email

As we are #blazingthetrail, our campaign continues to build the momentum it needs to fight for the people of Georgia but time is of the essence!

We NEED your help!!! We are working toward hitting our goal of $25K by October 15th! Please consider chipping in any amount – $10, $50, $75 – to help us reach our goal. You can help us by donating below!

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