2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

July 2022

2 Lane Travel #43

In this weeks #2lanetravel Bruce took a trip to Germany. Once he returned, we attended the Georgia Mining Association dinner. Mid week was the DeKalb County GOP Meeting. Over the weekend we attended a wedding, meetings after meetings, and Paulding County Republican Women lucheon.

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August 2 2022

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 – Kingsland Farm Hawkinsville, GA Please join us for a fundraiser supporting Senator Bruce Thompson, candidate for Labor Commissioner.  Date: Tuesday,

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2 Lane Travel #42

In this weeks #2lanetravel we started at Cartersville UNCUT. On Monday we spent the day with Sheriff Janis Mangum of Jackson County at Truist Park. We honored those who have fallen, and attended the Independence Day event to celebrate the Fourth of July. On Saturday, we attended the Hall County GOP Picnic in Gainesville. Check back in next week for another #2lanetravel.

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2 Lane Travel #41

During this weeks #2lanetravel we started our week off at Dickey Farm for the famous Peaches and Politics event. Next was volunteer appreciation night, we are so thankful to everyone who volunteered to help us during this campaign. Last weekend we had the opportunity to speak at the National Right to Life Convention in Atlanta. Next we attended the Georgia Municipal Association Convention and the LakePoint Sports Fundraiser. Don’t forget that you can still volunteer and donate for our campaign!

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