2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

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Everyone Should Be Excited When The Sun Comes Up Video

Gather your thoughts, give thanks, and get after it. For some the sun always rises, but for some the sun will always be covered by clouds and darkness – this makes Bruce Thompson sad, he wants everyone to be excited when the sun comes up! It is his hope that Georgian’s will realize that a new day has dawned and with it brings new opportunities. As your new labor commissioner Bruce can’t wait to roll up his sleeves and get started at restoring confidence in this agency, while providing hope for a better tomorrow.

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2 Lane Travel #53

This week’s #2lanetravel started out in Cherokee County. Then we had the Boot, Bales, and BBQ, discussed the political toll on families, and spent an evening in Toombs County. Toward the end of the week we stopped at the Buckhead Club, Senator Ginn’s “Get Out the Vote” Event, attended Cherokee Bluff High School, and had a meeting with Google. We ended the week at the Atlanta Press Club Debate and the UGA College Republicans Event.

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Press Release – Donation Blast

I’m sure you’ve heard my opponent’s comments in our televised debate on Monday. My opponent proudly stated his answer to the problematic agency is to spend more money; LOTS OF IT! His proposal to increase staffing from 1,000 employees to over 4,000 is absurd, irresponsible, and costs hard working Georgians millions!

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2 Lane Travel #52

This week’s #2lanetravel started out with an AJC article on labor commissioner race. We attended a meet and greet at Tommy’s barbershop, had a meeting with Rick Hooper, and met the honorable Bob Shaw. Later in the week we received a Chamber of Commerce endorsement. Then we sat in at the Atlanta Electric Contractors Association, made an appearance at the Taiwan ribbon cutting, and the Dodge County Fish Fry. This weekend, we visited the Perry Fairgrounds, and Agricenter, the Walker farm, and received a visit from my dear friend, Karen Mathiak.

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