2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

2 Lane Travel

2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Travels To Montana

Bruce is out bright and early with the snowplows making sure the roads are plowed, and that ice and gravel are being put out to ensure safety for everyone traveling in Montana! The roads are icy and the temperatures are negative but he is committed to making sure everyone is safe!

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2 Lane Travel Video – Hawkinsville, GA – M&T Meats

Bruce has interacted and express his concern with local business such as M&T Meats in Hawkinsville, GA who just recently had a number of employees walk out. The labor shortage that we are facing right now is a serious issue that Bruce Thompson strongly wants to correct.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Kumo Shortage

Bruce Thompson is dedicating to fixing the current labor shortage that we are facing not only all over the U.S but in Georgia especially! Currently at Kumo’s restaurant and so many others, they are having to close their doors and shorten available open hours due to the lack of employees.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Labor Shortage at The Battery in GA

We are currently facing a National Labor Shortage and restaurants and businesses everywhere are suffering. Featured above is a prime example – The Battery in Atlanta, GA (outside of the Braves Stadium) needs more workers. It’s time to put an end to this and get people back in the workforce.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Vs. Mark Butler

Bruce Thompson is confident, experienced, and cares about the people of Georgia. Bruce is running for GA Labor Commissioner and wants to fix the current national issue of a labor shortage.

Businesses across the nation are suffering due to the lack of people in the workforce and Bruce is dedicated to fixing this issue first things first after being elected in 2022 – so get out and vote!

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