2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia

2 Lane Travel

2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Speaks on Bills for Public Safety

It’s day #14 for Bruce and his team on this #2lanetravel and it’s been a long day as you can tell by the lack of sunlight. Today they had some bills that were in public safety. They are trying to work on suspended licenses and working to get some of those reinstated. The Georgia labor force needs all the help they can get and people are unable to assist in the workforce due to a suspended license.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Visits Farm Burger

Bruce and his team’s day started early heading to the capitol where they qualified to be a candidate for the next Georgia Labor Commissioner! There were a number of candidates waiting to qualify and have the privilege to serve the state of Georgia. By the number of people in attendance, it was clear that we are not the only ones who feel that this agency is broken and needs to be fixed.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Labor Shortage at the Waffle House

Bruce attended the Valentine’s banquet in Fannin County last night and is enjoying breakfast at Waffle House this morning. He is loving spending time in the northern part of Georgia where people love their land, love their guns, love their freedom, and most of all love their community!

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2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Visits Sankrati for a Meeting

Bruce continues his #2lanetravel having a busy week at the capitol with March for Life and appropriations week. He also had the pleasure of meeting a couple that had moved to Georgia from California. Many of the people who move there from California are conservatives who are trying to get away from what’s happening in the radical states.

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2 Lane Travel Video – Bruce Thompson Visits the Georgia Capitol

Bruce visits the Georgia Capitol carrying some of the bills he plans to carry this year. These bills range from the APR bill to a bill that allows probate judges discretionary ability. Currently in the state of Georgia if you fail to appear in court it is mandatory that you be arrested for that even if you were unable to attend due to COVID-19.

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