2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia


2 Lane Travel – July 19, 2021

$100K & More Coming In! We are humbled by the number of people that have invested in our campaign since we launched on June 4th and the outpouring continues to mount. We hit our goal of raising $100K in the first 60 days, and now we are well on our way to raising the next $100K. The most exciting part of hitting our goal is recognizing the number of hard-working Georgians that have sacrificially given to the campaign.

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2 Lane Travel – July 6, 2021

In accordance with the Georgia Ethics Commission, the first disclosure closed on June 30th. Our disclosure will highlight incredible support for our candidacy to become the next Labor Commissioner. Just in the last week, our campaign raised over $30K on the way to surpassing our first fundraising milestone!

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2 Lane Travel – June 29, 2021

Why I am Running for Labor Commissioner: “It is clear that this agency is broken and needs to be fixed. From the thousands of hardworking Georgians that have not been able to receive the benefits that they deserve to the ridiculous level of fraud this agency has allowed to occur; It is time for a change!”

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2 Lane Travel – June 25, 2021

We were blown away by the amount of support that was received at the recent GA GOP Convention where we won 50% of the votes in the straw poll. It is all the more meaningful knowing that this support came from 3,000+ grassroots activists who are some of the most informed, dedicated, stalwart conservatives in the state!

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