2 Lane Travel with Bruce Thompson in Georgia


Supporter Video – Suzanne Guy in Support of Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner

Susan lives in Cobb County in Georgia and Bruce has her vote now more than ever. She believes we need true statesmen leading the Great State of Georgia, and that’s exactly who Senator Bruce Thompson is. He has an incredible record of godly service, courage, integrity, and humility. He works amazingly with his constituents and the people at the Georgia Capitol. These are the reasons that he will make a fantastic labor commissioner, and why you should vote for him.

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Supporter Video – Rachel Guy in Support of Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner

Rachel is from Cobb County in Georgia and is a dear friend of Senator Bruce Thompson. She believes that he is a man that leads with integrity and who is absolutely fearless. He speaks on controversial issues with kindness and deeply cares about his constituents. Bruce not only stands up for truth but also cares for each individual. She encourages you to vote for him as your next labor commissioner because he will represent you wonderfully.

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Supporter Video – Alicia Adams in Support of Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner

Georgia deserves a Department of Labor that makes it easy to get things back to how they were pre-COVID-19. We need to get back to the type of work that this society was designed to do. This is exactly why Melissa is supporting Bruce Thompson to be the next commissioner of labor. She believes that he has the ideas, and already has the strategies on what needs to be done to make the Department of Labor offices work efficiently and effectively. Bruce wants to make sure that Georgia is running smoothly, and that everyone is thriving.

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Supporter Video – David Franklin from Bartow County in Support of Bruce Thompson

David Franklin wholeheartedly is in support of Bruce for Georgia labor commissioner. David believes that Bruce is an incredible businessman and entrepreneur who at the same time has a blue-collar work ethic. David knows Bruce personally and can honestly say that he has the biggest, most generous heart. They have worked together on a number of projects that are strictly revolved around helping others. Bruce is willing to help humans at all stages of life to help them flourish. David knows that Bruce is the real deal and a person that not only he, but everyone can trust as your next labor commissioner.

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