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Monetary donations are so important when it comes to any political campaign. Your donation helps us pay staff, renting rally space, and advertising. Every donation, no matter how large or small, is so important in helping to elect Sen. Bruce Thompson as our next Georgia Labor Commissioner in November 2022.

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What is a Contribution?

Candidates for political office raise money to fund their campaigns and to demonstrate the breadth of their support. Campaign finance laws—which dictate who can contribute to a campaign, how much they can contribute, and how those contributions must be reported—vary at the state and federal levels. In general, campaigns may raise funds from individuals, political party committees, and political action committees (PACs).


A contribution can take many forms including the following examples:

  • Direct monetary contributions and personal loans
  • In-kind contributions of goods and services offered free or below market rate
  • Finds obtained through sales, fundraisers, and purchases of political items or event tickets