Elected Officials Endorsements in Georgia

Thank You To Our Supporters! Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner!

We are so thankful for all the support that Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner has received so far! Below is a list of our public officials endorsements. We still have a long way to go, but our campaign support and our mission to improve the Department of Labor here in Georgia is ramping up more and more everyday. Thank you again for your support! 

Elected Officials Endorsements:

Senator John Albers

Senator Jason Anavitarte

Senator Lee Anderson

Representative Victor Anderson
Representative Timothy Barr

Former Representative Paul Battles

Senator Brandon Beach

Senator Matt Brass

Representative Josh Bonner

Senator Max Burns

Senator Dean Burke

Former Representative Michael Caldwell

Representative Mike Cameron

Representative Joe Campbell

Representative Wes Cantrell

Representative Kasey Carpenter

Former Senator Ronnie Chance

Representative Heath Clark

Former Congressman Doug Collins

Senator Bill Cowsert

Former Senator Mike Crane

Former Governor Nathan Deal

Senator Clint Dixon

Senator Greg Dolezal

Former House Member Mike Dudgeon

Representative Emory Dunahoo

Former State Representative Melvin Everson

Bartow BOE Member Butch Emerson

Representative Matthew Gambill

Senator Frank Ginn

Senator Steve Gooch

Senator Russ Goodman

Representative Micah Gravley

Representative Joseph Gullett

Senator Marty Harbin

Senator Bo Hatchett

Senator Billy Hickman

Former Senator Judson Hill

Senator Chuck Hufstetler

Commissioner Harry Johnston

Representative Todd Jones

Bartow BOE Member Derek Keeney

Senator John F. Kennedy

Former Congressman Jack Kingston

Representative Tom Kirby

Senator Kay Kirkpatrick

Former Senator William Ligon

Senator Sheila McNeil

Senator Butch Miller

Representative Martin Momtahan

Senator Jeff Mullis

Senator Chuck Payne

Representative Alan Powell

Former Congressman and HHS Secretary Tom Price

Senator Randy Robertson

Councilman Cary Roth

Mayor Matt Santini

Representative Ed Setzler

Representative Philip Singleton

Senator Brian Strickland

Senator Carden Summers

Commissioner Steve Taylor

Senator Blake Tillery

Senator Lindsey Tippins

Former Representative Scot Turner

Representative William Wade

Senator Ben Watson

Representative Rick Williams

Former Senator Tommie Williams


Groups and Organizations:

Frontline Policy Action

Georgia Life Alliance

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans

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What is a Labor Commissioner?

Assist individuals to attain their work goals and increase self-sufficiency through employment, training, and support services.

Assist employers to meet their business needs through employee recruitment and selection services, workforce information, and technical support.

The Current Strategic Goals of the Georgia Department of Labor