Campaign Events & Victories

There is a lot of excitement for our campaign within the State of Georgia! Check out recent event photos along with GOP Straw Poll victories! 

July 2021 Fishing Trip

GA GOP State Convention: Jekyll Island 2021

June 2021 GA Confederation of Republican Women

July 2021 Cobb County GOP Annual BBQ

July 2021 Event at LakePoint: Harlem Globetrotters

August 2021 President's Team Dinner

August 2021 Rome GOP Rally

August 2021 8th District GOP Fish Fry

July 2021 GA Teen Republican Convention

July 2021 Lakepoint 5K Race

July 2021 RLG Graduation

August 2021 Jewish Coalition

August 2021 UCTV Radio Interview

August 2021 Adventure Outdoors with 11th District

September 2021 Economic Development Governor Conference

October 2021 UGA Game

August 2021 The Battery: Fundraiser

May 2021 Fundraiser at Big Door Vineyards

June 2021 Canton Fundraiser

May 2021 Fundraiser at Cartersville Country Club

June 2021 Dalton Meet & Greet

June 2021 Fundraiser in Buckhead

May 2021 GA GLA Speak Life Contest