Grassroot Endorsements in Georgia

Thank You To Our Supporters! Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner!

We are so thankful for all the support that Bruce Thompson for Georgia Labor Commissioner has received so far! Below is a list of our grassroot endorsements. We still have a long way to go, but our campaign support and our mission to improve the Department of Labor here in Georgia is ramping up more and more everyday. Thank you again for your support! 

Grassroot Endorsements:

Andrew Abbott, President of GA YR

Alicia Adams, fmr HD-34 Chair
Andre Adamski, co-founder GA 9/12

Mary Adamski, fmr 7th District Vice Chair
Gloria Alday, fmr GAGOP 2nd Vice Chair
Rodney Alldredge, Cherokee County
Stephen Arnold, Putnam County
Bruce Azevedo, fmr 9th District Chair

Patty Baker, Cherokee County Clerk of Court
Bethany Ballard, fmr Houston GOP Chair
Terry Bangert, Bartow County
Claire Bartlett, Fulton County
Anders Best, Bartow County

Carl Blackburn, Habersham County

Fran Blackburn, Habersham County
Joseph Brannan, fmr 2nd District Chair
Mary Braun, Spalding County

John Bush, Fulton County, RLG
Denise Burns, fmr Catoosa GOP Chair
BreAnna Burton, Telfair County
Nancy Burton, fmr Walker GOP Chair
Sherri Carmack, Muscogee County
Ken Carroll, fmr GAGOP 8th District Chair
Mary-Alice Carter, fmr Jasper GOP Chair
Brad Carver, fmr Fulton GOP Vice Chair
Michelle Carver, fmr HD-54 House District Chair

Pete Castello, Cherokee County

Cindy Castello, Cherokee County
Don Conkey, Cherokee County
Richard Cox, Cherokee County

Judy Craft, Forsyth County
Mike Crane, Coweta County, fmr State Sen.
Louis DeBroux, Bartow County
Seth DeMott, Lowndes County
Ellen Diehl, fmr Cherokee GOP Vice Chair
Cindy Echols, Cherokee County
Joshua Edmonds, Gwinnett County

Mac Edwards, Evans County Sheriff
Sue Everhart, fmr GAGOP State Chair

Melvin Everson, Fmr Labor Commissioner Candidate

Cameron Fash, Fmr Chair Atlanta Young Republicans
Carolyn Fisher, fmr GAGOP 1st Vice Chair
Dr. Austin Flint, Cherokee County
Sonia Francis-Rolle, Fulton County
Brant Frost IV, Coweta County
Brant Frost V, Coweta County
Katie Frost, Coweta County
Darrell Galloway, fmr 14th District Chair
Virginia Galloway, fmr GAGOP Over-80K Chair
Carolyn Garcia, fmr 11th District Corresp. Sec.

Ron Goodbub, Gwinnett County
Judy Griffin, Cherokee County
Suzanne Guy, President Life Initiatives and Values
Cooper Guyon, Paulding County

Lydia Hallmark, Fmr Corresponding Secretary Paulding GOP
Collen Hansen, Bartow County
Hannah Harding, Bartow YR Vice Chair

Tom Harding, Bartow County
Kevin Harris, fmr GAGOP Exec. Director
Gabe Hartwig, Fmr Atlanta YR President
Miranda Harwell, Bartow County
Tricia Hise, Habersham County

Bob Hinton, Henry County
Elaine Hollis, fmr MGRW President
Joannah Hollis, fmr Baldwin GOP Chair
Ginger Howard, Fulton County
Michael Huneke, fmr Bartow GOP Chair

Will Jackson, Evans County
Ron Johnson, fmr GAGOP 2nd Vice Chair
Scott Johnson, fmr 11th District Chair, GA BoE

Dr. Bob Jones, PSY.D. Bobby Jones CSF
Chan Jones, Bleckley County
Charles Jones, Cherokee County
Richard Jordan, Cherokee County
Trey Kelly, Fulton County
Dr. Todd Kinnebrew, Houston County
Peter Korman, HD-51 House District Chair
Betsy Kramer, Fulton County
Matthew Krull, Fulton County
Dr. Jeffrey Kunkes, Fulton County
Brian Laurens, fmr GYR Exec. Director
Rachel Little, fmr Gwinnett GOP Chair
John Longshore, Cherokee County
Luke Martin, fmr Floyd GOP Chair
Bob Mayzes, fmr GAGOP Treasurer
Marci McCarthy, Dekalb County
Debbie McCord, Columbia County

Mansell McCord, Fulton County
Joe McCutcheon, Gilmer County
Angelic Moore, Fulton County
Jade Morey, GYR National Committee Woman
Toria Morgan, fmr GAGOP Asst. Treasurer
Cindy Morley, fmr Douglas GOP Chair
Lyn Murphy, Cherokee County
Cole Muzio, Coweta County
Maury Nunes, Cherokee County
John Padgett, fmr GAGOP State Chair
Chris Papierz, Coffee County
Ray Parker, Cherokee County
Lauren Parramore, Bartow YR Chair

Samir Patel, District Attorney, Cherokee Judicial Circuit 
Mary Patrick, Jasper County
Brandon Phillips, fmr Grady GOP Chair
Bruce Poore, Bartow County
Nate Porter, fmr 6th District 1st Vice Chair
Joe Proenza, fmr GAGOP Political Director
Diane Putnam, Whitfield County
Conrad Quagliaroli, Cherokee TEA Party Patriots Founder
Elizabeth Reed, Gwinnett County
Carmen Rice, Muscogee County

Brad Rigby, District Attorney, Cordele Judicial Circuit
U.D. Roberts, fmr GAGOP 1st Vice Chair

Dave Roberson, Floyd County Sheriff
Gordon Rolle, Fulton County
Diane Rugg, Cherokee County

Denise Rumbaugh, Gwinnett County
Alton Russell, fmr GAGOP 3rd District Chair
Donna Sant, fmr Houston GOP 1st Vice Chair
Chloe Satterfield, fmr Cartersville HS TARS President
James Satterfield, Bartow County
Ashford Schwall, Fulton County
Claire Schwall, Fulton County
Karl Schwelm, Cobb County
Brandon Seigler, fmr Atlanta YR President
Bob Shaw, fmr RNC Vice Chair, GAGOP State Chair
Jason Shepherd, fmr Cobb GOP Chair
Matt Shultz, fmr Bartow Co. School Bd.
Leo Smith, fmr GAGOP Dir. Of Minority Engagement
Robert Smith, fmr Haralson GOP Chair
Shawn Still, Fulton County
Chuck Stone, fmr Atlanta YR VP-Political Affairs
Molly Sturgeon, fmr Bartow GOP Secretary
Ricky Thomas, fmr Bartow GOP Chair
Jason Thompson, Gwinnett County
Julianne Thompson, Gwinnett County
Rich Thompson, fmr GA Black Repub. Council Chair
Kathleen Thorman, Gordon County
Todd Tolbert, Monroe County

Clark Tompkins, Bartow County Surveyor
Ron Tripoto, Cherokee County
Jim Tully, Paulding County
Bill Vaught, Laurens County
Damon Walker, fmr Gordon GOP Chair
Kaaryn Walker, fmr 6th District Secretary
John Wallace, fmr 11th District Chair

Shannon Wallace, District Attorney, Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit

Martin Waters, Evans County School Superintendent
Chuck Welch, fmr GAGOP Asst. Treasurer
Mike Welsh, Columbia County
Susie Welsh, Columbia County
Janice Westmoreland, Baldwin County
Darla Williams, Bartow County
Michael Williams, fmr Cobb YR Chair
Coleman Williamson, Fulton County
Rose Wing, fmr Cobb GOP Chair
Dee Anne Wyse, Bartow County

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What is a Labor Commissioner?

Assist individuals to attain their work goals and increase self-sufficiency through employment, training, and support services.

Assist employers to meet their business needs through employee recruitment and selection services, workforce information, and technical support.

The Current Strategic Goals of the Georgia Department of Labor